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the story


We’ve stumbled upon a critical singularity where Cozm and Naught are pinned in a torrent from a nearby portal which appears to be regurgitating massive amounts of matter and information. The jazzed-up muck and junk collides with such force, it generates sonic phenomena unlike anything heard before. The warbling low frequencies and pulses meld to cast a foundation under shimmering walls of texture and potent melodies that dodge in and out of the spaces between the churning mass of sound.


The Everything Buckles Forward EP is a lens through which we can observe this phenomena from a safe distance. Cozm & Naught’s latest body of music spotlights their unique approach to the electronic genre. Live drums and electric guitar accompanying modern electronic themes create a vividly dynamic show. They’ve dubbed the sound “electro-fusion” because it pulls ideas from a diverse array of inspirational wells. Only a few elements remain constant in Cozm & Naught’s sound, the first being Jesse’s (AKA Cozm) unearthly electric guitar that spits out sounds one would never think the instrument could produce. The second is Corey’s (AKA Naught) vacuum-tight drum work that drifts between precise double-time grooves and intensely cathartic breakdowns. 'Everything Buckles Forward’ reveals a glimpse of Cozm & Naught’s ever-churning universe to the listener and serves as an imaginative moment in the modern electronic music landscape.



Thank you for giving 'Everything Buckles Forward' a spin! We appreciate any and all feedback you have for us and are very excited about the potential to work with you.


We have several pieces of content orbiting this release that we feel will help draw as many eyes and ears as possible including a full time-lapse video of the creation of the cover art painting, a full performance video of one of the tracks, and several professional press photos that we can use for strategic, engaging social media posts. We plan to run a social media campaign to a targeted audience focusing on driving traffic to Spotify and have set aside a budget for online marketing. All energy will be put into driving traffic to Spotify as the main listening platform. Once again, thank you for taking the time to consider working with Cozm & Naught and their Everything Buckles Forward EP.

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